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Solarzar is a multi-talented speaker and mystery performer who has explored the mystery arts since the age of 8. Along with his mind reading and hypnosis demonstrations he provides personal readings using palmistry, numerology, astrology, and tarot. He also offers fun and entertaining handwriting analysis and Tree Readings. Solarzar is an award winning speaker who brings 40 years of expertise to his presentations on Leadership,Communication, Customer Service and Creativity.

Mystery Entertainer 

Solarzar makes the magic real, whether reading the thoughts of the audience or taking them on a journey of their own mind.

Solarzar incorporates the audience members im making the magic happen.


Family friendly, adult entertainment.  Suitable for high school and adult audiences.

Choose the entertainment option that everyone will enjoy and will make you look good.

Home or Private Party

Solarzar provides one of a kind home, and private party entertainment options. These events can be hosted at your home or business. It's an exciting experience with private readings for each guest, incorporating palmistry, numerology and tarot.


Solarzar can also do handwriting analysis if that is a preferece. Private consultations are also available.


Pick the option that everyone will enjoy and will make you look good.

Award Winning Speaker and Master Trainer

Solarzar is an Award Winning Speaker; Distinguished Toastmaster; Certified Master Trainer; and Instructional System Designer.


He provides tailored presentations that are created and presented with the skill of a Master Speaker, Entertainer and Trainer.


Visit Performance Topics to find out more about this aspect of Solarzar's business.​

Interested in hiring Solarzar for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"Your commanding presence and the ceative and entertaining way you presented your topic was just right for our employees."

B. Donnelly - Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsla (CHOMP)

"Your presentation was an educational experience presented as top quality entertaiment."

T. Dwyer - Electronic Data Systems (EDS)


"Your presentation was stimulating and inspiring. You are truly a magical and magnificent presenter."

C. A. Figueroa - Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"Was that real?"


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