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There are many reasons to hire Solarzar, here are a few:

K. Weddle
"You have created a space for Miracles by being here!" M. Starr
"Our Staff was captivted by your skills as a speaker and as an entertainer." T.M. Koll

"You presented us a great package - with magic, poetry and humor."  L. E. Veilling


Additional Reasons To Hire Solarzar
1. You snare an expert with 40 years of leadership experience. 

2. You engage a master who dedicated 30 years to being a knowledge expert

for the Department of Defense. 
3. You bag a maestro who understands in this fast-paced information age there

is too much information that is just rehashed, repackaged and represented

and it still doesn't make the information worthwhile for your needs.  

4. You secure an ace who has trained U.S. Marines, U.S. Government employees, DoD consultants and members of many associations, including Toastmasters International, in leadership, leadership development and self-leadership. 

5. You retain an educator who provides first hand information, proven techniques and real world wisdom through story, demonstration and magic. 

6. You book a scholar who knows that all performance and presentations are

about creating rapport. 
7. You bring in a wizard who knows that life is a journey that we all take

at our pace.

Listen to Solarzar Speaks about The Two

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