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Performance Topics

Creativity Magic

Everyone is creative. Through this lighthearted and entertaining presentation you learn lateral and creative thinking skills. Learn to play; play to learn; communicate; create; problem-solve; facilitate; brainstorm.

  • Learn open communication skills

  • Learn creative thinking skills

  • Learn problem solving skills

  • Learn facilitation and brainstorming skills

  • Open your Creative Me©

Customers are relationships, and the best relationships are return customers and customers who refer business. Customer Service Magic is only for people and businesses that rely on customers for success.

  • Learn listening skills

  • Learn communication skills

  • Learn telephone skills

  • Learn conflict management skills

  • Become a Customer Service ACE - Attitude + Communication = Excellence

Small Business Customer Service Magic

Leadership Magic

Solarzar shares his personal journey from honor student to living on the streets to going from the enlisted to the officer ranks in the U.S. Marine Corps to being a consultant to the Department of Defense to founding Magic-4-Life LLC. Be the leader you already are.

  • Learn the difference between Leadership and Management

  • Leadership of others begins with self-leadership

  • Learn communication, connection and rapport

  • Be the best of Who you are


Solarzar is the author of "Leadership Magic, the Journey from Trickster to Sage" which can be used to reinforce this session.

Success Magic

Prepare, plan and achieve with an easy to use system that will allow you to reach your goals. Motivational, magical and entertaining, this session will make you the master of your life.

  • Be Positive

  • Be Present

  • Set a Due Date

  • Define the Outcome

  • Create the Results

Real World Wisdom for Real World Results. "The Magic is already in you."

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