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"A Learning Experience Guaranteed to Change Your View of Life."

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Here's what others are saying about Solarzar . . .

"Seldom have we had a speaker so dynamic, humorous, and on-target."
J. M. Masterson


"Your presentation was an educational experience presented as top quality entertainment."
T. Dwyer


"Your commanding stage presence and the creative and entertaining way you presented your topic was just right for our employees."
B. Donnelly


"Your enthusiasm, wit and humor are indeed effective tools. Not to mention your magic."
L. Drewitz



"You presented us a great package - with magic, poetry and entertaining comments."
L. E. Veilling


"Our staff was captivated not only by your skills as a speaker, but also as an entertainer."
T. M. Koll


" Your presentation, as always, was stimulating and inspiring. You are truly a magical and magnificent presenter."
C. A. Figueroa


" He kept everyone's attention, and it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, except for the clapping and the oohs and aahs."
K. Foster

" Solarzar, who is a master speaker, gracefully entertained us with stories, which accentuated the magic."
C. Burnett


" You are truly a gifted speaker. Your delivery is both exciting, compassionate and expressed with a masterful touch of humor."
M. Chojnacki


" He was not only enlightening, he was delightful. I really enjoyed, and even learned from his presentation."
T. Bullock

" I feel great about the decisions I'm making and I'm starting to see the results I want. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on how to make our lives better. Your advice really worked on me."

H. Grande


" Awesome!"
K. Weddle


Contact Solarzar at: 831-384-6135

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