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Magic-4-Life Seminars and
Performance Sessions

Success starts with action. These are the Magic-4-Life sessions that we will provide in the future. Take the action to expand your horizons and live more confidently. Watch for schedule updates so you can attend one of these life-changing sessions:

Communication Skills
• “Through the Looking Glass – Communication Skills”
• “The Power of Perception and Persuasion”

• “Your Creative Me”

Customer Service
• “Customer Service Magic: What’s it all About?”
• “Customer Service Magic: Attitude Plus Communication = Excellence”
• “Customer Service Magic: Confronting Customer Service Conflict”

• "Leadership Magic: The Magic of Listening, Learning, Leading, Living”
• “The Magic of Teams”
• “Success Magic – Goal Planning for the Real World”

• “Journey to Union”

Training and Presentation Skills
• “Presentation Skills for the Anxiety-ridden and the Mildly Phobic”
• “Facilitation Skills for the Occasional Trainer”

• Infundibulum- beyond the 5 senses
• Mysteries of the Mind
• A Magical Journey

Psychic Entertainment
• Home Psychic Parties
o Palmistry
o Numerology
o Tarot Readings
o Astrology

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Contact Solarzar at: 831-384-6135

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