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Picture os Solarzar with Linking Rings.


About Solarzar

Solarzar Steven Dellaporta
is a Master Trainer, Award winning Speaker and Magician who has lived many lives in one.:

  • From his teenage years living on the streets on the East coast,
  • To a 21 year career in the U.S. Marine Corps going through the enlisted ranks to the officer ranks,
  • To creating his own business and consulting with the Department of Defense

Solarzar has experienced many different elements of life.

His journey of leadership, customer service, creativity, goal-planning, presentation skills, and magic is based on being there. From a high school dropout to the Principal of a publicly-traded company specializing in computer systems design and development, he has a wealth of experience that he shares in his powerful, life-changing presentations. All of Solarzar’s presentations are offered with a full money-back guarantee. Call for more information.

Contact Solarzar at: 831-384-6135

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Contact Solarzar at: 831-384-6135

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